Wednesday, November 11, 2015


We asked him to get in our bed, in between the both of us, because we wanted to get cozy snuggles, but we also wanted to tell him how much we loved him. He loved the idea, and did not hesitate to crawl in. Back and forth we went, Marcus and I, telling him how special he was, telling him how adorable he was and telling him how irreplaceable he is to us both. There was ulterior motive in Marcus' suggestion, he was making an appointment with Adan, and I was going to be lucky enough to witness. You see, these two, they are part of a daddy and son bible study that a fellow dad started at TCA. They are in the midst of studying the great warriors in the bible. Marcus has been wanting to introduce Joshua to Adan, but in order to know Joshua, you must first meet Moses. And as our love fest began to wind down, Marcus started to ask Adan about Egypt. As I laid there in observance of what was taking place, I was reminded of Our Savior's promise to be present when two or more are gathered in His name. I was overcome with emotion, and as the tears surfaced, my instinct was to bow my head and rest it in between Adan's shoulder blades, so I did. My sighs were audible, the tears were visible, because our son had just made us a worshiping three, and I was emotionally fulfilled. I thanked God immediately for this moment. I told Him that I was undeserving of such a memory. But just as quickly as the words left my mouth, He reminded me that I am...and so are you.

Being a mother has changed me, in ways that I never knew could. The love that I am capable of giving is immeasurable. I see things that I could not see before and having a chance to witness sweet love in person when someone asks me to take their picture is pretty awesome. Love is visible everywhere, including these below. Here are a few of my faves from this sweet family.

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