Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Some say it and others spray it...

Can you recall your childhood memories?  I can. Sometimes too well. Turns out I was kind of a bully. At least that's what my sisters say. Here's the thing.  I don't believe that, not for one bit. I've said it before that there are some of us born with our fists up and others that are not.  But do you really think that one is better than the other?  I do.  I have witnessed lately, more than I think I have in my entire existence, a collection of women who think they are doing themselves a favor by keeping their mouth shut.  Can you believe that?  Listen up ladies, what I am about to say may offend you, but it might very well save your life if you do it.  Speak up.  Speak up often.  You think that by keeping it in you are resolving to be the bigger person, when in reality you are not.  Believe it or not, I have not always been this type of outspoken before.  Don't get me wrong, I have always been loud, obnoxious and filter free, however, when things bothered me, or if approached with a dilemma and the inevitable awkwardness was on the horizon, I would just keep my mouth shut to avoid anything that might ruffle the feathers.  It hasn't been until probably my 30ish birthday when I came to the realization that I am pretty amazing, with or without my ability to hide behind my muzzle.  That opening in the very forefront of my face is useful for more than just the hand to mouth shove.  What I have always honored is the invite for opinion, and now, more than ever I hold on to that truth.  But what I will not honor is blatant idiocracy at my expense.  I will not wimp out and say nothing.  I have learned to pick and choose my battles, in my marriage, with my girlfriends and in life, but when you complain about a situation that you have just experienced, and open up to me about how you wished you would have said something to change the outcome, I have to keep myself from picking you up, wrapping you around my mental sling shot and volleying you to the other side of the room.  This is me screaming to you to wake up and realize that you are teaching people how to treat you.  That's right, you heard me.  Sit back, allow people to sling it on you, and they will continue to do it.  All I'm saying is that in my 33 years of life, I am okay with not having everyone like me, sure, would it be nice if everyone I spoke with, worked with, ate with adored me, waited on baited breath to hear what I had to say...sure, but I have arrived at the junction in my life where I know that isn't going to happen, and rightly so.  I am okay with my fists up.  I'm not saying you need to start taking up boxing, unless you do, then give me a ring because I've always wanted to join a fight club, but am too chicken to go alone...but what I'm saying is to please, PLEASE, stop hiding in silence and then bleeding your traumatized ego in an audience, because this girl who has finally learned to break her silence is gonna start telling you to take those scars somewhere else.  On a much lighter and promising note, the weather is ever changing in these here parts of Dallas, and I am all over it.  May I suggest you evolve with it.  In the meantime, so much to show you and so little time, so please take pleasure in these pics...and that's me speaking up, telling you to be a bit nosy and see what we've been up to the past several weeks.  Love you, mean it.
Oh to live in a great city, is to take the train.  And we do it as often as we can.  The circus was here folks, and if you didn't have a chance to see it, then I'm sorry for you, because it was so good, I mean SOOOO good.  Truth is, anything that can make my lil bugga smile like that is somewhere we get to, and quick.
So very sad the summer is over and we can't have Mommy and Me until next year, but we sure did take advantage of this summer heat and of our pool.  Adan took up ISR, shortly after we stopped our other swim school, and she had him swimming in 3 days and that just enabled more of a love for the water than we could give him.  Needless to say, we will be heating the pool this fall and taking dips as often as we can.
I got this letter in the mail a while back that invited Adan to join a "sticker club".  He had no clue what it really was, until he started to get stickers in the mail.  And now, he just loves to check the mail.  We have gotten stickers from all over the place, and he gets crazy excited when he sees he name on an envelope.
Top Golf. 'Nuff Said.
We go every year and love it every single time.  I'm not really a super big baseball sports fan, but that's not why I go.  I get the chance to see family all together, in one place, spending time together and laughing until we pee can't breathe.
Marcus is always really great at just about everything he does, including planning our vacations.  This year he chose for us to go to Orange Beach.  It's a sneaky little beach, small, not crowded, but oh so beautiful. It was so fun and I just love when we incur a hiccup, in this case it was my husband, his affinity for fishing and the fishes affinity for his flesh, eeek. 
Labor Day.  The end of summer, officially, right?  At least that is what the calenders say.  Riri came in town, it was a holiday and it marked the anniversary of our move into our new home, so that means, PARTY!!!  We had so much fun, and love having had the opportunity to hang out with all of you.
Do you know this kid?  I don't.  I mean I do, but jeez, he is so big.  Last year when he started MDO, the weather creeped up on us, and I had nothing jeans wise or sweats for him, thinking that it was too hot to shop for that.  I wasn't going to make that mistake this year, so I cleaned his closet out, and nothing fit for the fall.  Which can only mean one thing, shopping, and I had to buy him size 7 in jeans.  In a slim of course.  WOW!
I think we hit our max with weddings this summer, and just before it officially ended, we went to one more.  I met Emily at Adan's MDO, her little boy and Adan just love each other and through their tiny bromance we started a friendship too.  Congrats you two.
And this little fool wore his new size 7's.
I just love where he is right now.  He started Tball earlier this year, and now soccer.  I started playing sports at his age, and I am living through him right now and loving every minute of it.  He's pretty good too, I mean, as good as chasing a ball can be, ha.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

who will be the one...

I am a little obsessed with reality TV.  I have conversations with my sister about these people like we are friends, and they might actually care what I have to say regarding the predicaments they lie in.  If the TV had the reverse effect and they had the chance to see what went on in my home, work and life, I wonder if they would be as surprised as I am when I see it in them.  We all have a series.  We just don't get paid to share it.  Some of you don't realize that your mouth is the biggest drop down screen for us all to see you in the most vivid color.  And your denial of such is just the remote control that we didn't ask for, and now have, subscribing us the ability to turn you on and off.  I never thought that I was a gadget girl until now.  I will be taking my new love of the electronics and creating a collection.  A collection that I can return to often when you appear, or anyone of your liking, so when confronted with what you think your reality is, I can quickly change the channel.  Now tune in folks, because I got something to share.  It's my reality, it's completely and utterly true and just about the only thing that is worth the chase.

Friday FUNights in the summer.  My fave I think.  I am so glad that we had so many day shifters this time, we were out numbered, and I must say, I kinda liked it...dare I say loved it.  We went back to Glass Cactus and saw the infamous Spazmatics, and needless to say, we had a great time. 
There are very few people that are good all the way to their core.  Like when the situation gets heated, the kitchen gets too hot or they have an opponent spitting fire...remain calm, collected and most importantly don't let the funk get in.  I met someone like that 2 years ago.  He made my transition to CMC easy, and his presence was always calming, loving but most importantly it was informative.  He never let an opportunity pass without education on the forefront, he never disrespected his teammates and always remained loving.  And now, he is also leaving, and I am so sad.  Dr. Mark Clay has been a blessing to know and an even more pleasure to just be around.  I am better for having worked with him.  We will miss you.
Marcus loves to fish, and he loves to show Adan how to fish.  These two people make my entire world.  They both make me so happy.  I just love having Marcus come home from work, and Adan's face when the "ding" sounds as the garage door opens is priceless.  I am so blessed and it doesn't go without thanksgiving.
It was August 30, 1980.  I had just turned 3 and this man was the one chosen to save my life.  I was born with a congenital heart defect, and the love this man has to heal children's hearts was just the cure that little girl needed so very long ago.  It's really remarkable what I can remember from those days in the hospital.  I remember 4 things...1. They threw me a party, and gave me a multiple layer chocolate cake, and I opened a gift that was a box filled with rainbow colored sticks 2. When they were singing to me, I remember an Asian man walking in the midst of the nurses (and now, I can confidently say it was my surgeon) 3. I couldnt speak, in an oxygen tent, and I was thirsty, signaling to my mom that I was thirsty 4. I was in the playroom and they kicked us out because it was time to clean.
His name is Dr. Hisashi Nikaidoh, and without his pure existence and gift, I may not be here today.  I am forever grateful and blessed to not only have had him in my life back then, but very blessed to have had the opportunity to see him face to face again.  If you love to read, and have a few tears to shed, may I suggest reading his book, Healing Hearts
We had a little Mommy and Me swim date at my house, and it was so much fun.  I just love to share our backyard with friends.  I love that my little boy is enthused at the idea of having friends over.  I love that he has introduced me to some amazing women that have already taught me so much.  I hope that we can continue our summer fun together. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The breakwind...

I have been bothered a lot lately.  Big surprise I know, right?  But people seem to think that their strengths, the ones on the big display, are the good ones.  Like their ability to continue to flaunt it means that we should align with their thinking somehow.  Or better yet, they feel like THE architect of knowledge, and their blueprints are the mold for us all.  I have said it before...I feel gifted to have an eclectic group of friends, from many different backgrounds with many different beliefs.  With that said, I feel that my builder is/was incomparable.  One that layed one heck of a foundation, and one that I will extend beyond my own capability at times.  I wonder if when people walk through their lives, they happen to stumble on the cracks that are their mistakes with the ability to take in the residue that has covered their footsteps. I just can't imagine not learning a thing or two from the castors that the good Lord has given me to walk with.  Sometimes I wonder if those same callouses whose sole purpose is a barrier, serve as an unmeasurable, unwarranted purpose to your strength in ignorance.  Newsflash, it isn't bliss anymore.  It will be a sage of unwanted cleansing from my ora and completely unwelcome.  I have been overwhelmed emotionally and I had forgotten where my evolution resides.  It hasn't moved.  My plot continues to sojourn in the same place it always has, and that basic fundamental truth is the only anchor this momma needs.  I feel lucky to be exactly where I am.  I feel blessed to learn from the splinters I continue to catch in my armour, but mostly I feel loved by my inner framing.  The ability to fabricate love from the bones of a once hollow build is only permissible by my Saviour Jesus Christ.  His gift of love allotted my proudest residence.  I share them with you now, and share them with you always. 
KJ, officially now, had herself a little party in Austin.  Invited some of her coworkers.  And we got down y'all.  Austin's been getn the "get down" outta me for the summer, and I'm quite happy about it.  So happy for these two.  They are just about the sweetest two people anyone could have in their lives, and they topped my summer wedding invite list at #3.
Never needing a reason to have my friends over, I just thought it'd be nice to invite some of them over for a little dip.  Guest list topped at just under 200, thank you Facebook, and I was quite enthused at the 27 that showed up.  Each and every single one of you that stepped foot in my door, and moreover, was asked to by me personally, have a special place in my heart.  Thanks for partying with me, and we shall do it again sometime, ya here!
Oh man.  And so it begins.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of this little guy.  He is so obedient.  So loving.  So stubborn.  So smart-alicky.  So, just Adan.  We had so much fun this season playing T-ball.  We were loved, we were encouraged and mostly we were in the company of others that have a passion for their kids.  It was refreshing, it was hot and it went by way too quick.

Besides my husband, there isn't another sole on this earth that makes me challenge my thinking, appreciate my sole existence, embrace my reason for living and make me a better person.  Mary Virginia however, is just about as close as it gets when you talk about your soul sister.  She has blown me away.  Taken me by surprise, and now she is leaving.  South Carolina is unknowingly lucky to have her.  And I am mortifyingly aware of how unfortunate her being gone...out right stinks.  I love you so much and will miss you terribly.
Klyde Warren Park.  It never gets old.  Adan and I invited some of our best buds to play.  We packed some grub, got on the train, walked a few blocks and played until our toes hurt.  I'm lucky that my little boy has a heart for friendships and find myself blessed that his friendships have brought me friendships. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

cutting against the grain...

I wish that I could name names on this blog.  I wish I could out all the people who have done me wrong and humiliate them with what is my rotting heart of broken pieces.  But I am not.  I may be many things...bold, audacious, obnoxious, cold, brave, rude, fearless, blunt, honest.  But I will never and I mean never go where I am not invited or solicited.  With that said.  I know you, I have heard you and more importantly I have seen you. 

Love is the most powerful force this world has ever known.  I love.  I love too much even.  I love so much, that the same love I give has the ability to hurt me more than I have ever known.  I wish so badly that I knew how to love and not hurt.  I am certain of only a few things.  My love has the power to mold my son.  My love has the power to encourage my son.  My love has the power to engage my son.  My love has the power to embrace my son and show him how to love himself.  So that when he gets older, he will not ever have to rely on others for what his mommy places so much stock in.  So that when he grows up, he will know his strengths and have so much confidence in himself, that he will not look for others to lift him up.  My love is that strong, and so is yours.  I hope and pray that the love you have within you, can be carried and given at the cost of nothing and at the expense of only what you can afford to be without.  I have been challenged and my strength is weak and my weakness is defaulted to love.  What was once my pride and joy, has now become my nemesis.  I am tired of the war and hope to find refuge in the arms of something equal to what I thought comforted me in the beginning, and now I see never really did.  It has been said that your children don't learn what you tell them, but what you show them.  That it is what they see that resignates more than what they hear.  I hope that these images will stay with my son forever, and when he revisits these memories he will know what love really is.
I know you know how important having friends is, but man, if it ain't expensive too, then I don't know what is.  Good thing Noah's daddy got himself a good job, because these kids party's get more and more costly the older and "friendly" they get.  Happy Birthday Mocho!
My husband...the redo'er of everything.  He is magnificent.  I know he knows that I think he is, but just in case he happens to be a loyal reader, Marcus, you are magnificent.  And I know you put up with a lot being married to me, so know that I know you are just about the best thing that could have happened to me and I am seriously very lucky to have you on my team.  I love you for all that you do for our home, our lives and our son.
KJ, welp, this girls getting married, and will be the 3rd wedding Paige and I will attend together, jeez!  Nonetheless, this young lady had about a zillion bachelorette parties, and she was kind enough to let her coworkers throw her one too.  We love you boo, can't wait till June 1st.
This bugga boo is growing up way too fast.  He is on the eve of everything and I just can't deal with it.  He has been asking since he could ask, to play a sport, "like on a team" he would say, forever.  We didn't think they could start earlier than 4, but then we got wind to the fact that they could, oops.  Anywho, Tball is the season, and Adan is happy and so are we.
Have you met my son?  In case you haven't, he is a superhero.  It was a bit of a challenge this year to do his party because he is into so many of them...the Hulk, Superman, Batman, any and all of the Avengers, especially Ironman, and so I had to result to Pinterest, again, for help.  And what I came up with was a generic form of a superhero party, and I think it was a big success.  I made/sewed a cape for each child out of towels, monogrammed of course, because I just love for each kid to feel special.  And the rest of the decorations, well, pretty self explanatory and visible.  Happy Birthday Adan, we love you so much!
I had to work Mother's Day, but luckily as you all know, I work nights.  All I wanted was to do absolutely nothing, and spend my day at home with my family, sleep in and stay in my PJ's until the time came to leave for work.  Marcus and Adan made me breakfast (Adan's favorite thing to do is crack the eggs in the pan, so he was real excited to tell me he made the eggs), and gave me a homemade card.  I took a nap with my little man, Marcus did laundry and packed me a lunch and then...I was off.  It was all I could have asked for and it was just perfect.
My My, already at wedding number 2.  My My, already with Paige again, at wedding number 2.  This wedding was seriously the funnest one that I have been to in a long time.  Yup, it was that kind of fun.  Katie and Randyn have been together for 12 years and they got married yesterday, and we were lucky enough to witness it.  Lake Travis ain't ever seen the white folk get down like that. 

Favorite Quote of the Night:
Me: "What, I thought only us Mexicans did that?"
(after the MC announced the dollar dance was seconds away)
Katie: "Nope, white people want money too" (then quickly chugs her vodka sprite and runs to dance floor)

Monday, April 22, 2013

would it be fair to say...

I was running the other day and I was thinking about some stuff.  Profound stuff.  The kind of stuff I wish I had an opportunity to write down.  I just wish I had a tiny computer in my brain, so that when somewhat important things come up and my hands are otherwise occupied, my thoughts would find a way onto paper.  Now all I have is the memory of my thoughts, and as hard as I try to regurgitate it, I can't.  I'm a little annoyed because what I remember most isn't so much the context of it all. Nope, no literary recall in this noggin, however the way that I was feeling when I was processing my thinking.  I was happy.  Highfiving my mental self. Slapping my minds bottom with an addagirl sting. Does that happen to you?  Do you have those moments when you are driving and you align so perfectly with the universe that you wish the steering wheel was an audience of thousands so that your anticipated applause would be solidification in mental synchrony with those listening to you?  It happens to me all the time. I just wish so badly that I could find a way to recall those moments.  Is that wasteful and unnecessary wishful thinking?  I mean, is it really that important for you to know that I am capable of more than just coffee table banter?  Sometimes I feel the pressure of more, more than just the responsibility of the human to human interaction that we are all accustomed to. My incessant need to make others understand me has at times overpowered my sanity, and I'm real tired of setting the record straight. Why do I feel it's my responsibility anyways? If I had the power to do more than just walk around with these tiny mental orgasms and actually put them to good use I might actually be worth something.  The sad part is, we are all capable of this.  We walk around daily with explosions of clarity that have the strength to cut the air we breath.  And sometimes, we cut the air so hard that we end up creating a sound wave that will hurt anyone within our personal radius. I am not condoning violence by any means, but sometimes creating a scar in someone will leave a reminder that our interaction was more meaningful now that it lingers within them externally.  And maybe the warranted infection that is coming will evolve into their new desire to salvage the remaining breathable air we both share. With that said, I believe it is time for me to share with you what has been going on in my life the past couple of months. And I promise that it yields no danger!

I have been struggling with what to do with these chairs that Marcus' aunt had given us a while back.  And deep down I think I always knew, however couldn't really trust anyone with my vision, except this place. They not only took care of business, but knocked that sucker outta the park people.
Adan's sweet little preschool had a fundraiser and got the kiddos to get involved. How?  Well, by riding their bikes all around town around the gym, that's where!
Friday Funight...again!  This time we decided to put our brilliant minds to good use.  That's right, we tore it up with Latin cuisine, and then danced our pretty little paws off, well, some more than others ;-)
Adan and a classmate have really hit it off.  I mean, they look for each other when the other arrives at school, they spend countless time comparing each others sneakers, and recently we got to celebrate Eli's birthday. And let's just say, these kiddos weren't the only ones having a good time.
Oh my sweet KJ! I just love her to pieces, and it's her wedding invite that has thrown me over the edge this summer.  I believe I have hit a record with invites, and I have never been more happy to attend one couples nuptials more than these two.  We celebrated with green beer and banter, oh yea and maybe a little dress up!
The Winton Ranch had their annual St. Patty's day party.  Insert here my anger for not snapping any parade pics, but I was stranded on one side of the fence this year and my remaining family was on the other, so sans the time stoppers of our glorious newly named "Dallas" St. Patrick's Day Parade.
I was all Magnum PI the day Adan has his school egg hunt.  I mean, incognito.  Kinda proud of myself too, especially since his school wife, classmate almost ratted me out.  It was sweet, planned out and just perfect to get to see.
This kicked off our wedding season, and may I just say, it not only set the bar for the other 3 we have left, but it was just a complete blessing to witness.  In case you don't know, Marcus' side of the family has always been so much fun, and this celebration was no exception.  Congratulations Marisela and Alex! PS. my son is a dancing machine, that is all.
Paige.  She's my best friend. I love her. And if I never see her again after this summer, I might not be that sad, jk. And if it's not bad enough that we have every wedding to attend to the next few months together, we decided to take a girls trip to Puerto Rico and hook up with an old buddy. Aaron and Claudia have undoubtedly, unequivocally kicked everyone's ass when it comes to hospitality.  Remember when I told you the amount of struggle I carry with the lack of love I get back? Well these two not only exceeded my/our expectations on how to host but they loved us so much, I learned that expecting nothing and receiving everything is sweeter when it comes from way deep inside your heart.  These two sweet friends of ours rock, and I MEAN ROCK!!!

Monday, January 21, 2013

say what...

Nobody is perfect.  I know that, you know that, we all know that.  Or do we?  It's obvious to some that the coating on the outside is just that, coating.  I carry one heck of a coating.  Turns out, so does everyone around me.  We all have one.  Some of you coat shinny.  Some of you coat dull.  Some of you coat shear.  So shear in fact, that when an attempt to see past that coating occurs, we get our faces slammed, and slammed hard.  An inevitable self recovery takes over, we realize we are too close, and the resultant awkwardness begins.  If we aren't careful that awkwardness quickly turns into a never ending cycle of unattainable redemption on the part of our inner pressure washer.   I kind of pride myself in my thoughtfulness.  You have all heard me say, or read me write that I really, and I mean really struggle with the lack of love I get back.  I extend myself too much emotionally to my friends and family and when I don't get it back, I am emotionally deflated.  And look, I am not quick to say that I am victimized in this.  The truth is, if I gave it freely without desiring anything back, I probably would get it back.  I ain't no fool people, just inpatient and human.  Word?  I had this friend, who I can confidently now say was/is dead inside.  I was beyond emotionally available to this person when our bottom line never aligned.  She never knew it when we spoke.  She never knew it when she confided.  She never knew it when we broke bread.  My coat, is of the chameleon.  And for her it was something special.  Mostly because, unlike many people, I believe that we can all be friends.  That we can all extend a part of ourselves to each other for the sake of humanity.  I believe that just because we don't believe the same, and because we don't live the same, because we aren't ingrained the same, we can still love each other, support each other and be present for one another.  Don't you?  Or are we so falsely integrated, that our qualms have the color and the water fountains still label where I may drink?  I am thirsty.  I hope you are thirsty too.  Moreover, I hope that when you are thirsty and the fountains are dry, that you will know my secret canister of quench awaits you.  I can't tell you how many times I feel I write about this.  I feel like I have the same fight with Marcus.  I feel like I am on replay at work sometimes.  And I'm often troubled with the idea that maybe, just maybe our coats aren't necessarily unbreakable from the outside in, but our own inability to remold from the inside out.  All this to say...remold people...remold! 

Now here's a part of my life on replay that I don't mind having, or sharing for that matter.
Have I mentioned the love that is my Marcus?  This trip he made unsolicited by me mind you, is just a reminder that he is the best.  Sally, graduated, again, and I was he and the baby had a little mancation to the Big T, Tennessee that is.
Every pic we took was of lil bugga being a silly fool...Merry Christmas!
Got a great reference on where to see Santa this year, and we ain't never looking back folks.
Marcus has been lucky to have friends he has known since kindergarten.  I wish I were that lucky.  It's telling really, of what kind of man he is and what kind of a woman I am not.  We went to see Los Lonely Boys at the HOB, amazing!!!  They always rock it out, and I was stoked because I kept it a surprise until we were there.  We were also lucky enough to run into pals at one of our favorite bars after the concert.
Is it wrong to always celebrate with food?  I think not.  So we did that and had a white Christmas.  Honestly can't remember ever having one.
We went to the park.  And not just any park y'all.  A fancy one in the city.  It was our second time, but first as a family, and certainly not our last.  We also took the train.  And not just any train y'all.  A fancy one in the city.  OUR GREAT CITY of Dallas.  Who knew we could go as deep as tri-level?  I sure as hell didn't.