Wednesday, November 23, 2011

i can actually remember when...

Many of you may not know how Marcus and I met, so on our anniversary this day, I feel it suiting that I share our story.  And this shall be the long and short of it, for your reading pleasure of course.  It's a twisted, small world, OH MY GOD, kinda story, and telling it can be a challenge, because deciding where to start can make or break the events, hope you are able to follow along.

I was 21 and spending a ton of time, as usual, in front of the mirror, when I heard that infamous sound that AOL used to make when you got IM'd.  I ran over, and saw it was this guy, Joel, and he was asking me about people that I knew, turns out, we had the same friends.  Jeff Seguin was our common ground, and we ended up going out a couple of times.  On our last official hang out, I met all his friends, and one in particular, Marcus.  It was the popular thing, these men/boys used to do back then, they'd bargain with bar owners, talk up a good game about bringing them a huge crowd, asking to charge a cover, keep the door all whilst the owners would revel in the spillage of bar tabs.  And it was at one of their gigs, Home Bar, to be exact where I met Marcus.  You wanna know something funny, I met Cindy that night too, met my husband and best friend all at the same time, pretty cool.  Joel and I were leaving, and he wanted to introduce me to his best friend, who happened to be DJ'n this time, and he was all the yummy I needed and wanted.  Needless to say, Joel and I decided after that night, friends was a much better fit.  Marcus and I never hung out alone, we were always together as a group, all the guys, myself, and whatever girlfriends the boys were dating at the time, etc.  One night in particular, Joel was sick, and left early when we were all out, and Marcus became my ride, lucky me!  The next, we didn't do it...we weren't even close, we got up from having slept at his brothers house...HOLY CRAP, this is so fitting, and do you know why?  Because in addition to this being our anniversary, it is almost our exact anniversary of our first official/unofficial date, wow!  How am I barely noticing this?...dude, blogging saves lives!!!  Sorry, didn't mean to go off on a tangent just then, but Marcus and I have so many serendipity moments in our relationship/meeting that we discover all sorts of things all the time, many of which shall be disclosed below.  That morning, after I slept on the couch, alone, we got up, and he took me home, and on our way, we stopped off at Raymond's BBQ on Garland Rd.  He was hungry, as was I and he asked if we could stop to get something to eat.  I was dying, because he was so delish, and we had never had alone time, I WAS DYING.  That lunch would be the beginning of a year long-give or take-of platonic friendship.  Now, Marcus and I tend to have different versions when it comes to the year long-give or take-of platonic friendship.  I remember us not kissing or having sex or anything of the sort, because he was so untouchable and so yummy, I never in a million years ever thought that a guy like him would ever like a girl like me.  He says it wasn't quite that way, whatever :-/  His house was a staple for our hang out time, his garage in particular was our living room for beer drinking and lawn chair sitting, talking into the night about all kinds of stuff, listening to Stevie Ray...those were the days.  There was always this one picture in particular that always caught my eye as I would walk past his living room and into his bedroom, drove me crazy, because I saw it everyday and everyday I wondered, "WHY, why does that picture look so familiar?".  There in his room, we played the "lets look through old pics and go down memory lane" game.  He thumbed through a dozen or so, and came across one in particular, and when he handed it to me, I flipped my lid.  It was him, IT WAS HIM, oh my GOD! 

My junior year in high school I had gotten invited by a senior to go to prom.  I went, and as I was dancing, I noticed Tracy Jones, a friend walk into the dance with this guy.  I never remembered her having a boyfriend in school, and sure as hell think I would have remembered a guy like that.  All night I tried to get over to her, dodging any gesture my date had toward me, but I couldn't break lose, damn it.  Never stopped thinking about that guy, in fact, I remember asking her about him and she was all like, "yea, that's my friend, he goes to BL, he has a girlfriend though."  What could come of it really?  Nothing, I was in high school for goodness sake.  However, when you're 16, it's the end of the world.

His name was Marcus Sais.  He and Tracy had been friends for years and he was her escort.  I couldn't believe it.  I was freaking out.  It was him, he was that guy.  Holy crap.  I was sitting next to him on his bed, we had spent endless nights drinking, dancing, hanging out and talking for hours on end about anything and everything.  My sister had taken a picture of Tracy and her date that night, and she/I had a copy, and I still had it, all these years, I still had that picture.  The same picture that he just handed me to look at.  Don't get me wrong, I didn't have it framed and under my pillow at night, but nonetheless, I had it.  And now, the picture in the living room that had haunted me all this time, was unfuzzy.  He wore the same tux to his own prom, and that is why it looked so familiar. 

One night, as we were heading into the movies, some time after we became an item, we ran into his god parents.  He wanted to stop and say hello, they had spotted him, and it would be rude to not say hello.  Introductions were made, and his god father was very friendly with me, almost as if he knew me.  Even asked how my father was doing.  I thought it was kinda weird, but kinda polite too.  As we parted ways, his god father wanted me to tell my dad that Johnny Joe said hi.  Later that week I told my dad about Marcus' god parents and how his god father had said what he said, and my dad almost fell out of his chair.  Apparently, Johnny Joe and my dad used to be best friends, worked together for over 20 years at the Sears downtown.  So close in fact, that Johnny Joe had three sons, my dad had three daughters, and birthday parties alike were often visited by both families.  Marcus used to live across the street from them, and he apparently and almost literally lived there, with them.  He was their "4th child", and we are told that we were at the same birthday parties, together, as children.  Marcus likes to kid that he remembers me, that he used to take me behind the shed and lift up my pink dress.  :-)

I feel so lucky to have found my dream guy.

I can be overheard saying many times that I can't believe I am married to Marcus Sais.  We relive those years sometimes, and every time we talk about it, I learn something new.  Turns out, he always had a thing for me, right off the bat he says, I never knew it.  All those times we hung out "platonically", he had ulterior motives, and I never knew it.  One of my favorite stories in particular was when he was shaving, and he "said" that he was having trouble making a straight line under his chin, and asked me if I could do it.  Uh, duh, any chance I had to get close to him, I was all over it.  He says that he remembers me being close, how my legs were nearly straddling him, as I sat on the sink, and how he wanted to so badly just grab my back and pull me close.  I love hearing that story.  And now, I get to be as close as I want, anytime I want, and I love having that.

Happy Anniversary Baby
Our First Dance...Our Song
Citizen Cope "Sideways"
Could not have been any happier!

Ps. The new corner, in my living room...

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and so it turns out...

I was at work not too long ago, and a few people were asking how long I had been married, and I was all like, "almost 4 years...", all sure of myself and everything.  I didn't even notice it was completely wrong and incorrect until I was asked again, in front of Paige, my co-worker/friend, and she was all like, "what?, uh, it will be 3 years, not 4, what's wrong with you?".  Oops, turns out, she is absolutely right, I don't know what's wrong with me, I was pregnant with Adan when I walked down the aisle, I'm a dumb ass sometimes, I suare.  My schedule allows for tons of things, but some things are placed on the back burner, and those things when starting to accumulate left over charcoal, get addressed...warranting a different kind of fire be lit, if you get what I mean (wink wink).  Our official anniversary is November 22nd, however, my job is not anniversary friendly this year, so our schedule allotted us this past weekend to celebrate. I boast often about my husband, not to blow artificial steam up his ass.  However, I boast about my husband, because when you have one as good as mine, I at times can't believe it.  I mean, I know I'm literally living it, but audibly repeating my experiences is the only way to artificially pinch myself.

Long story short, Marcus planned a surprise for me/us, and the surprise was "Chicago".  It was about the sweetest thing he has done.  And he has done many, even though we have only been married 3 years in a week or so, we have had a long history of spending many an anniversary together.  Marcus got me and my MOH a hotel night before the wedding at Hotel Palomar-Dallas, and then we stayed there again our wedding night.  Deciding to make it a tradition, we have stayed there every year since (woohoo, a whopping two times, haha).  So when I found out where we were going, at the airport, I was thinking, "man, he is so sweet, but we are already breaking our tradition"...knowing all to well what effort he had gone through to keep it a secret, hiding funds so I wouldn't take notice and then making arrangements for Adan.  So you can imagine the feeling I had when we were driving from the airport and then observing the cab pull in front of nothing other than, Hotel Palomar-Chicago.  I was blown away, it was everything for me to not cry in the cab, and if you know me, I'm a crier and it was EVERYTHING for me not to.  Our trip was short, but so great.  Reminds me of how great Dallas is, but for completely different reasons, it also reminds me of how great Dallas is not, but for completely different reasons.  I am not good at offering advice regarding where to go, what to see, critiquing restaurants, etc...but what I can say is, that every place my husband picked for our itinerary, yes itinerary-he planned everything, was just awesome.

SkyDeck @ Willis Tower
(it actually took me the third try to step out without shaking, I'm kind of a wimp-don't tell)
Drinks @ Shaw's & Music @ Blues Chicago
(Marcus and I miss blues in Dallas so much, our favorite spot closed down long ago, and miss it so)
First Lady of Chicago
(boat right on Chicago River, admiring the architecture and history of this great city)
El Frijol
(any way Marcus and I can turn something Mexican, we will)
Sound Bar
(remember when I said that I'm not good at advising on places when visited, I recall that comment, temporarily, and absolutely and positively advise against going here, SUCKS)
Navy Pier
(windy city lived up to it's name here)
Hotel Palomar-Chicago
(our pouty faces because we were leaving...would have shown more pictures from our hotel, but those are just for Marcus and I ;-) )
Many bonuses on this trip, one was getting a chance to almost see Jessica, and then, when we went to Blue Man Group, while awaiting our entrance, I saw someone that looked awful familiar...had to text Jessica to make sure it was her, and turns out I was right.  What a small world, I saw Allison.  Allison is a great friend of Holly's, and about 12 years ago or so, when I was single and younger, Holly shared her with me a couple of times, and I haven't seen her since sitting at Cock-n-Bull, oh yea, except for Holly's wedding, but that didn't count, because we had to leave at 9pm :-(

My post this week was supposed to be so incredible, I had one of those nights when clever and incredibly witty comments and story ideas were all in my brain just waiting to be jotted down for later.  So when I went for my phone, I quickly remembered that I have a BB now and lost my other phone and can't jot it down like I could before.  Our "sound bar" night, I texted Marcus all my funny remarks, and I was reminded of how funny he is, he would respond back and write super clever one liners back, it became a flirty game that night, totally worth sharing, and it's coming, but for now, this will have to do.

Ya'll, Thanksgiving is next week!!!  What tha...

Ps. Guess what we got to come home to?
Marcus and I, when we get the chance to be alone, try super hard to not talk like parents, but as lovers, friends and partners, it is hard.  We have a great baby, and are lucky to share together in our passion for all things Adan.  We did a pretty good job of just being "us" this past weekend, but one thing we both agreed on and pretended wasn't riding on the horizon often, was the beating desire we both had to get home and scoop this child up.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

in typical fashion...

I wish that I could say that what I'm about to say is so not like me, but the truth is I am super irresponsible and super careless with anything that costs money.  I remember being pregnant and thinking, "how am I going to do this baby/mother thing?" when I can't even organize my own life.  Truth be told, that seems to still be the case, however, when it comes to organizing other peoples lives, I'm pretty amazing.  My kids stuff, no husbands work, DONE!!!  I just can't seem to grab the same grip on my own damn life.  I wish I could say that it only happens once in a while, but the truth is, it happens at least once a day, with a varying degree of importance.  Now, with all that said, I am going to punish myself, I mean, at least I am going to try to, let's see how long that lasts.

It was my 11th phone lost, you know, since the smart phone became all the rage.  Everything was on that phone, everything was also on the phone I lost before, phumph (that's me spitting between my lips in annoyance, in case you were wondering how to sound it out!). I'm really annoyed at myself because, not only do I not have a working PC aside from my darling husbands work lappy, I hate blackberry's, and that is what I have saddled into, against my wishes of course, but looking a gift horse in the mouth isn't an option right now.

I have hit a bit of a plateau with my weight loss, it's been about 20lbs or so, and that's amazing, right?  It's really not, but I have to tell myself it is, because...because...because, that is what everyone tells me I should be doing.  When you have, I don't know, about 60lbs or so to go, 20lbs doesn't seem like much of an accomplishment.

I would have blogged by now about my Halloween festivities, except that I already have, MY PHONE IS GONE!!!  There, that's all that damn holiday is getting. :-(

RiRi was in town again, and yes, some of you may be thinking RiRi sure does visit Ese'me Street a lot for being British lived, yes, yes he does.  He is very fortunate to live the life of a world traveler, and we are even more fortunate to have him on one of his top 5 favorite places to stay.  One day, ONE DAY, I will get another stamp, Marcus is promising me a trip to Austria to ski and Australia to sun bathe, I'm holding my breath, because luckily for me my husband always follows through on his promises.

You know when you run into old friends, the ones that you were once super close with, but time and life changing experiences have drifted you apart?  The foundation you once layed still exists, however the roots have traveled into different areas in the ground, but if you trace it back, you'll quickly find your way home?  That's how I felt last night at my Holly's wedding, I call her my Holly, knowing all to well she isn't, because it always makes me feel like we are where we were 17 years ago.  I can actually remember one of our first conversations in Chemistry about how I told her only rich girls had binders like she did, hahahaha...  Spending endless days at her house, eating Salisbury Steak and Tater Tot TV dinners on end, me continuing to find ways to set her house alarm off and making her get in trouble over it, finding unmentionables in her mothers closet, over hearing wave crashing and seagull singing soft music coming from her parents room--knowing all too well what that meant!!!  Last night as I witnessed Holly recite her vows I was giggling in my seat, because she was having trouble repeating back the officiants vows, and I was quickly taken back to a memory of the two of us...It was our junior year, and Holly was having trouble remembering "Fæder úre..."  I on the other hand had a knack for memorization and we were behind the gym in front of the art portable, and no matter how slow or how minimal my words were, she just couldn't repeat back to me what I had said.  We were out there forever, but eventually we marched up to Ms. Fortner's classroom, and I stayed outside holding vigil for my friend, and she did it...she passed.  In true Holly fashion, she aced last nights exam too, except this time her reward is forever with Erich.  I am so happy that my friend has found happiness.  I was lucky enough to meet Erich when Holly and him were like on their 2nd date or so, and to see them now committed to one another like they have, is awesome.  I love her too much, and I am so excited for the journey she is on now.  Below is a picture of Lindsey, another oldy but goody, she is also an all time favorite friend, and then there is Jessica, I have known her all of my life, (her and my middle sister used to place soccer together like when they were 5), and Holly is very lucky to have her as her right hand wo'man.

Lindsey, Me, Holly, Jessica
(you know, after we took this pic, we all revised it knowing it would end up on sombodys blog, and we ALL approved, oh Jess)

I'm trying really hard to be the best person I can be, it is tough, I mean really tough...which got me thinking, am I not as good as I thought I was once?  I am a self proclaimed bully, I expect a lot out of people and am very difficult.  I would like to think that once the chance to get to know me has ceased, I'm a good force to be reckoned with and love is the only fragment left. Holly's dad asked Marcus last night if he was taking good care of me, and Marcus said "I'm trying", and Ron said, "it's a full time job, this one".  And I guess that is probably the most accurate statement there is, it is true, I am a full time job, however, I reap many a benefit.

Ps. I used to blog only from my phone, and it made it super easy for me to that my phone is missing and only a blackberry is left, ugh, I will blog when I can, which means...I will blog when I can. 

Pss. I was just about to hit "publish post", when I heard some glass breaking, I get up only to find a frame of Adan had fallen and broken. Marcus is putting in a new window in Adan's room, and he has been at it all afternoon.  One of the many wishes that I have had for my son, is to recognize a "fixer" in his father.  And in my attempt to pick up the pieces on the floor, Adan says "noooo, mommy, leavey lone, daddy fizit".  My heart warms with happiness.