Monday, April 22, 2013

would it be fair to say...

I was running the other day and I was thinking about some stuff.  Profound stuff.  The kind of stuff I wish I had an opportunity to write down.  I just wish I had a tiny computer in my brain, so that when somewhat important things come up and my hands are otherwise occupied, my thoughts would find a way onto paper.  Now all I have is the memory of my thoughts, and as hard as I try to regurgitate it, I can't.  I'm a little annoyed because what I remember most isn't so much the context of it all. Nope, no literary recall in this noggin, however the way that I was feeling when I was processing my thinking.  I was happy.  Highfiving my mental self. Slapping my minds bottom with an addagirl sting. Does that happen to you?  Do you have those moments when you are driving and you align so perfectly with the universe that you wish the steering wheel was an audience of thousands so that your anticipated applause would be solidification in mental synchrony with those listening to you?  It happens to me all the time. I just wish so badly that I could find a way to recall those moments.  Is that wasteful and unnecessary wishful thinking?  I mean, is it really that important for you to know that I am capable of more than just coffee table banter?  Sometimes I feel the pressure of more, more than just the responsibility of the human to human interaction that we are all accustomed to. My incessant need to make others understand me has at times overpowered my sanity, and I'm real tired of setting the record straight. Why do I feel it's my responsibility anyways? If I had the power to do more than just walk around with these tiny mental orgasms and actually put them to good use I might actually be worth something.  The sad part is, we are all capable of this.  We walk around daily with explosions of clarity that have the strength to cut the air we breath.  And sometimes, we cut the air so hard that we end up creating a sound wave that will hurt anyone within our personal radius. I am not condoning violence by any means, but sometimes creating a scar in someone will leave a reminder that our interaction was more meaningful now that it lingers within them externally.  And maybe the warranted infection that is coming will evolve into their new desire to salvage the remaining breathable air we both share. With that said, I believe it is time for me to share with you what has been going on in my life the past couple of months. And I promise that it yields no danger!

I have been struggling with what to do with these chairs that Marcus' aunt had given us a while back.  And deep down I think I always knew, however couldn't really trust anyone with my vision, except this place. They not only took care of business, but knocked that sucker outta the park people.
Adan's sweet little preschool had a fundraiser and got the kiddos to get involved. How?  Well, by riding their bikes all around town around the gym, that's where!
Friday Funight...again!  This time we decided to put our brilliant minds to good use.  That's right, we tore it up with Latin cuisine, and then danced our pretty little paws off, well, some more than others ;-)
Adan and a classmate have really hit it off.  I mean, they look for each other when the other arrives at school, they spend countless time comparing each others sneakers, and recently we got to celebrate Eli's birthday. And let's just say, these kiddos weren't the only ones having a good time.
Oh my sweet KJ! I just love her to pieces, and it's her wedding invite that has thrown me over the edge this summer.  I believe I have hit a record with invites, and I have never been more happy to attend one couples nuptials more than these two.  We celebrated with green beer and banter, oh yea and maybe a little dress up!
The Winton Ranch had their annual St. Patty's day party.  Insert here my anger for not snapping any parade pics, but I was stranded on one side of the fence this year and my remaining family was on the other, so sans the time stoppers of our glorious newly named "Dallas" St. Patrick's Day Parade.
I was all Magnum PI the day Adan has his school egg hunt.  I mean, incognito.  Kinda proud of myself too, especially since his school wife, classmate almost ratted me out.  It was sweet, planned out and just perfect to get to see.
This kicked off our wedding season, and may I just say, it not only set the bar for the other 3 we have left, but it was just a complete blessing to witness.  In case you don't know, Marcus' side of the family has always been so much fun, and this celebration was no exception.  Congratulations Marisela and Alex! PS. my son is a dancing machine, that is all.
Paige.  She's my best friend. I love her. And if I never see her again after this summer, I might not be that sad, jk. And if it's not bad enough that we have every wedding to attend to the next few months together, we decided to take a girls trip to Puerto Rico and hook up with an old buddy. Aaron and Claudia have undoubtedly, unequivocally kicked everyone's ass when it comes to hospitality.  Remember when I told you the amount of struggle I carry with the lack of love I get back? Well these two not only exceeded my/our expectations on how to host but they loved us so much, I learned that expecting nothing and receiving everything is sweeter when it comes from way deep inside your heart.  These two sweet friends of ours rock, and I MEAN ROCK!!!