Wednesday, November 18, 2015


The more I try and clean, the more he makes it impossible to. Luca is determined to pull out every pan. He is determined to hide every Lego and he also manages to open every drawer in my dresser and pull apart socks I never even knew that I had. Those are not things that we teach. I never once showed him how to pull open the drawers or pocket tiny toys and make them disappear, yet somehow he just knows how to do it. But the more I thought about his incessant need to bridge the incline that is my attempt at cleaning, the more I think I understood his intentions. Him and I aren't very different. I find the path of his destruction is aligned with my need to check off those "tasky" engagements. Sometimes it's dishes, sometimes it loading the washer and sadly, sometimes it's scrolling my phone. We are a people made for closeness. Of course it wouldn't be something we are taught. It is something that we are just born with. The desire to be noticed, to be fawned over and to be flat out paid attention to, I believe it is innate within us. When he makes landscape nightmares of our home, leaving traces of pots and pans, underwear and diapers, I know he is telling me something...he wants me. My job isn't to teach him to not make a ransack of our home, but to teach him that I am present for him. And that is something that he will learn as I disengage from everyday distractions and focus my attention on this life that has been entrusted to me. Is keeping a tidy home important? I guess it depends on who you ask, but for me, sitting in this season with Luca is way more important than having polished baseboards beds made. Listen folks, they will only be this age once, ONCE! I know you all have read me write it, and as much as you here my say it, just know that I will never tire of making it made known...time will wait for no one.

The seasons are changing, can you feel it? The nights are colder and the breeze is getting stronger. 
With this changing weather, comes a tide of family closeness. And when I get a chance to take one's picture, it makes for a great fall evening in my book. Here's a peek at a few of my fave "time stoppers" from this sweet family.

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