Sunday, September 16, 2012

and so it begins...

Lately it seems that when things are put on my plate, I just do them.  Not that I was ever opposed to getting "things" done, it's just I would be lying if I didn't admit here that I like the acknowledgment of having accomplished it, and well.  It appears I exude this self confidence, a confidence that is very loud, so loud that, "she'll be okay", is my opponents mantra.  I have an incredible ability to camouflage well.  I have an incredible ability to never say no, and these two combinations my friends, are a horrific combination.  Do you know anyone like this? do now.  We are surrounded by predators.  Predators of the emotional appetite.  Their hunger comes in many forms.  And these predators ability to hide their underlying intent is almost as incredible an ability as mine is to facilitate their arrival at the dinner table.  I don't own any self defense weapons, nor do I pretend to know what any of the sort would be.  Marcus has a gun, so technically, when the "what's mine is yours and yours is mine" sings in acapella in the background, I guess I could say it's mine also, but whatevs.  He took me a while back, a real while back to shoot, at a range.  And knowing my personality, I thought I would be a badass, a real BAD ASS.  A few instructions on the hand gun, and I was off.  I was a hot mess, never opened my eyes, at least not where the aiming, shooting and pulling the trigger was concerned, but other than that, my eyes were lit open.  Translation: I sucked.  Couldn't shoot the target, much less the paper it was attached too...when it was 3 feet in front of me. I guess you could say that in literal forms of aim, point and shoot are concerned, I am not your typical success story, but listen closely folks, my success comes in other forms, and my ownership in hitting that target is unmeasurable.  So unmeasurable, that tracks in the objective form don't exist, and you will live out, fatigued in your attempt to solve what is my ability to camo up.   You see, you are not the only one with an appetite.  I have one too, we all do, and you should be awful thankful that it's my emotional appetite that is of the stronger will, because if we were speaking in regards to the appetite south of my breasts, you'd be toast. 

We're moved in.

We're moved in, somewhat.

We're moved in, somewhat, enough to have people over.

Since we have a pool, it's time to learn to use it, the right way.  This place is year round, with indoor swimming, LOVE.
We closed, duh, and this is the second time we've used them, and they are fabu.
De-cristen the pool time, and Labor Day was calling.  Did I also mention that it was our move in weekend, we are relentless.

This little fool started his second year of pre-school, and his first year at this place. Courtesy of this woman and her wonderful recommendation.

The best thing about my friend's are their love for my little family, especially when all things Adan are concerned.  Paige just loves Adan, and I'd be lying if I said he didn't love her back.