Saturday, October 31, 2015

In the spirit of...

Our family has been very busy these past few weeks. My schedule hasn't changed, I am still working the same, so I'm not quite sure why it has felt so hectic lately. I have also had more and more opportunities to photograph, so that could also be our culprit. It's Halloween, and we are headed out for some much needed family time and I love it, the kids love it and I hope you find time today or tonight to love on your children. Somewhere, some parent is standing vigil over their child in a hospital, wishing for the rush of door to door trick or treating. We all know how silly these holidays can be, and how they can be such an annoyance at times with all the preparations we all feel the need to have, but we are lying to ourselves if it isn't a tad bit for us too. I love to see my kids faces when they are having fun. I love to see them laughing when they are in the company of family joy. When they are robbed of that, whether it's because of weather or unforeseen circumstances...or heaven forbid sickness, hospital bound saddens me. We are so fortunate to not have that as a variable in our lives, and I pray for you families who have been robbed this evening. Happy Halloween, here is hoping you can find the BOOtiful in your evening.

In the spirit of all the holidays that are so fast approaching, this sweet family requested some photos of their little brood, and of course I said yes. These are a few of my faves. 

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