Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The breakwind...

I have been bothered a lot lately.  Big surprise I know, right?  But people seem to think that their strengths, the ones on the big display, are the good ones.  Like their ability to continue to flaunt it means that we should align with their thinking somehow.  Or better yet, they feel like THE architect of knowledge, and their blueprints are the mold for us all.  I have said it before...I feel gifted to have an eclectic group of friends, from many different backgrounds with many different beliefs.  With that said, I feel that my builder is/was incomparable.  One that layed one heck of a foundation, and one that I will extend beyond my own capability at times.  I wonder if when people walk through their lives, they happen to stumble on the cracks that are their mistakes with the ability to take in the residue that has covered their footsteps. I just can't imagine not learning a thing or two from the castors that the good Lord has given me to walk with.  Sometimes I wonder if those same callouses whose sole purpose is a barrier, serve as an unmeasurable, unwarranted purpose to your strength in ignorance.  Newsflash, it isn't bliss anymore.  It will be a sage of unwanted cleansing from my ora and completely unwelcome.  I have been overwhelmed emotionally and I had forgotten where my evolution resides.  It hasn't moved.  My plot continues to sojourn in the same place it always has, and that basic fundamental truth is the only anchor this momma needs.  I feel lucky to be exactly where I am.  I feel blessed to learn from the splinters I continue to catch in my armour, but mostly I feel loved by my inner framing.  The ability to fabricate love from the bones of a once hollow build is only permissible by my Saviour Jesus Christ.  His gift of love allotted my proudest residence.  I share them with you now, and share them with you always. 
KJ, officially now, had herself a little party in Austin.  Invited some of her coworkers.  And we got down y'all.  Austin's been getn the "get down" outta me for the summer, and I'm quite happy about it.  So happy for these two.  They are just about the sweetest two people anyone could have in their lives, and they topped my summer wedding invite list at #3.
Never needing a reason to have my friends over, I just thought it'd be nice to invite some of them over for a little dip.  Guest list topped at just under 200, thank you Facebook, and I was quite enthused at the 27 that showed up.  Each and every single one of you that stepped foot in my door, and moreover, was asked to by me personally, have a special place in my heart.  Thanks for partying with me, and we shall do it again sometime, ya here!
Oh man.  And so it begins.  I cannot tell you how proud I am of this little guy.  He is so obedient.  So loving.  So stubborn.  So smart-alicky.  So, just Adan.  We had so much fun this season playing T-ball.  We were loved, we were encouraged and mostly we were in the company of others that have a passion for their kids.  It was refreshing, it was hot and it went by way too quick.

Besides my husband, there isn't another sole on this earth that makes me challenge my thinking, appreciate my sole existence, embrace my reason for living and make me a better person.  Mary Virginia however, is just about as close as it gets when you talk about your soul sister.  She has blown me away.  Taken me by surprise, and now she is leaving.  South Carolina is unknowingly lucky to have her.  And I am mortifyingly aware of how unfortunate her being gone...out right stinks.  I love you so much and will miss you terribly.
Klyde Warren Park.  It never gets old.  Adan and I invited some of our best buds to play.  We packed some grub, got on the train, walked a few blocks and played until our toes hurt.  I'm lucky that my little boy has a heart for friendships and find myself blessed that his friendships have brought me friendships. 

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