Thursday, July 18, 2013

who will be the one...

I am a little obsessed with reality TV.  I have conversations with my sister about these people like we are friends, and they might actually care what I have to say regarding the predicaments they lie in.  If the TV had the reverse effect and they had the chance to see what went on in my home, work and life, I wonder if they would be as surprised as I am when I see it in them.  We all have a series.  We just don't get paid to share it.  Some of you don't realize that your mouth is the biggest drop down screen for us all to see you in the most vivid color.  And your denial of such is just the remote control that we didn't ask for, and now have, subscribing us the ability to turn you on and off.  I never thought that I was a gadget girl until now.  I will be taking my new love of the electronics and creating a collection.  A collection that I can return to often when you appear, or anyone of your liking, so when confronted with what you think your reality is, I can quickly change the channel.  Now tune in folks, because I got something to share.  It's my reality, it's completely and utterly true and just about the only thing that is worth the chase.

Friday FUNights in the summer.  My fave I think.  I am so glad that we had so many day shifters this time, we were out numbered, and I must say, I kinda liked it...dare I say loved it.  We went back to Glass Cactus and saw the infamous Spazmatics, and needless to say, we had a great time. 
There are very few people that are good all the way to their core.  Like when the situation gets heated, the kitchen gets too hot or they have an opponent spitting fire...remain calm, collected and most importantly don't let the funk get in.  I met someone like that 2 years ago.  He made my transition to CMC easy, and his presence was always calming, loving but most importantly it was informative.  He never let an opportunity pass without education on the forefront, he never disrespected his teammates and always remained loving.  And now, he is also leaving, and I am so sad.  Dr. Mark Clay has been a blessing to know and an even more pleasure to just be around.  I am better for having worked with him.  We will miss you.
Marcus loves to fish, and he loves to show Adan how to fish.  These two people make my entire world.  They both make me so happy.  I just love having Marcus come home from work, and Adan's face when the "ding" sounds as the garage door opens is priceless.  I am so blessed and it doesn't go without thanksgiving.
It was August 30, 1980.  I had just turned 3 and this man was the one chosen to save my life.  I was born with a congenital heart defect, and the love this man has to heal children's hearts was just the cure that little girl needed so very long ago.  It's really remarkable what I can remember from those days in the hospital.  I remember 4 things...1. They threw me a party, and gave me a multiple layer chocolate cake, and I opened a gift that was a box filled with rainbow colored sticks 2. When they were singing to me, I remember an Asian man walking in the midst of the nurses (and now, I can confidently say it was my surgeon) 3. I couldnt speak, in an oxygen tent, and I was thirsty, signaling to my mom that I was thirsty 4. I was in the playroom and they kicked us out because it was time to clean.
His name is Dr. Hisashi Nikaidoh, and without his pure existence and gift, I may not be here today.  I am forever grateful and blessed to not only have had him in my life back then, but very blessed to have had the opportunity to see him face to face again.  If you love to read, and have a few tears to shed, may I suggest reading his book, Healing Hearts
We had a little Mommy and Me swim date at my house, and it was so much fun.  I just love to share our backyard with friends.  I love that my little boy is enthused at the idea of having friends over.  I love that he has introduced me to some amazing women that have already taught me so much.  I hope that we can continue our summer fun together. 

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