Friday, March 23, 2012

the pressure was mounting...

Men.  Is it me, or are they completely, unequivocally and totally different?  Again, the love I have for my husband is grand, huge and just plain overflowing, however, he also makes me crazy.  The kind of crazy that makes me want to wring his neck.  And wring that neck HARD!  Our level of functioning when we argue or fight is pretty fantastic, but every now and then, we hit the "get out of my face" functioning.  Do you have those?  Please tell me I am not alone in this.  We got in a "tiff" on Saturday night, and here we are Thursday, and that lug is barely unloading the issue, GOD!  I figure that to be a gift.  The kind of gift I wish would stop giving, ya know?  I've ridden this boat before, and the almost five day itch is always his breaking point.  And true to form, the right kind of what I like to call "snuggle and grab" always gets him talking.  With that said, rockn this boat I'm on, always, and I mean always calms the raging seas.  I think you get where I'm going...needless to say, MEN...they're just different, completely different.  I mean, in all my life, in all my experience as an adult, in all that typical male verbiage you hear on the radio and see on the tube, I believe it safe to say that it is just true, well sort of.  The way to a man's heart is through his, wait, actually, the way to a man's heart is always fulfilled through sex, it is your ability to make them feel worthy of your feast, however, that keeps them around.  Who's with me?

I'm sort of behind when it comes to posting pictures of what has been happening on Ese'me Street, so forgive me, because, although my posts may be somewhat current, the pics are somewhat not :-/  Cindy is about to birth a baby boy, and we are all very excited.  We through her a baby shower, and again, turned to Pinterest for help.  And the idea that jumped out as baby shower gold was the "Little Man" theme.  I guess you could say we ran with the idea, divided up the responsibilities and slam dunked that sucker.  Many a shout out are due and will follow accordingly.
It all started with a little photo session...thanks momma Cici for obliging, and moreover, for your editing genius
Then there was the invite, thanks Etsy
Cici may be having a boy, but a petal is always on her priority list, and Jenni made sure to follow through, thanks girl...  My mom and I made the runner and bow tie adornments for the flowers, thanks mom
In keeping with the theme, we thought it suiting for everyone to have a special name tag, thus the bow tie was formed, again, thanks mom for helping me with these
The trouble with having tons of great ideas, is that you are left with actually doing them, so again, I must give another shout out to my mom for helping me with this onsie garland, she is a way faster sewer than I

Oh how our palates will never be the same...momma Campbell and Elizabeth donned the chef hats and served up a sick feast, thanks ladies
Moisten much
Desserts #1 & #2, even though those cake balls were in the background, they are still haunting the foregrounds of our belly's, thanks Jenni, you tha bomb
A little sweet nibble for your way home, thanks Picnik (see you on google very soon)
Wouldn't have been a party without any of you, thanks for coming
Basically, four color/patterns decorated the venue, and it was those four fabrics that maintained our palate throughout the baby shower.  There were two gingham's, one green and one blue, then two other fabrics, one orange and then one baby green.  Those fabrics made up the runner, the bow tie name tags, the bow tie vase adornments and also the appliques for the onsie bar garland.  That, and the many petals that Jenni arranged, with her sweet tooth guiding the dessert path, and momma Campbell and Elizabeth donning the chef hat, this baby shower was able to happen, and happen well.  It is also very important to point out that this baby shower took place at one pretty amazing place, and had it not been for two pretty amazing people, Krystal and Tommy DeAlano, this shower would have never taken place, so a very special thank you to you both.

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