Wednesday, March 14, 2012

the obvious is right in front of you...

Have you ever noticed those women who have phenomenal bodies, anything they put on looks fantastic?  The wedding dresses they dream of putting on, THE ONE, is everyone, at least to us observing?  Do you think if we were able to create a mental fitness, chisel our emotions and flatten our insecurities, we could form fit anything soul worthy to feel as amazing as we only desire it to appear?  I wish it was that easy.  I wish that the fat and cellulite that has managed to live in my mind, would burn away.  Sometimes I feel our best emotional workout is who we choose to surround ourselves with.  Those ridiculous friends you have, you know the ones, the ones that leave you thinking, "why are we friends again?"  I used to have this one friend, we aren't friends anymore, however anyone who ever met her, the inevitable question was sure to follow, "what do y'all have in common, how is it that y'all are even friends?"  I couldn't answer it then, couldn't really see it then either, but sure as hell can now.  She was my fitness friend.  She then, was my brain cardio.  I couldn't appreciate the workout then, but my method of thinking and being is lighter because of her now.  When Marcus and I got married, the normal stresses a bride has, didn't accompany me to the site, but the thought of everyone there not enjoying themselves, or what if ____ and ____ don't stay long?, was what consumed me.  I was more concerned with the fact that there was a very strong possibility that my side of the family would let me down, that my maid of honor (same girl mentioned above) had never held her end of the bargain on many levels, wondering if my mother in law would even look my way.  My emotions had taken a front seat in "feel sorry for yourself" 'ville.  I didn't know then, that my mind was in the marathon of a lifetime, and those days then, that night in particular would be a prerequisite to my life now.  That night, my father's side of the family, every last one of them, let me down.  Writing the details of the event here now, will serve no purpose, other than add a few pounds to my already overweight self esteem.  My maid of honor was an utter joke, laughable really, the amount of mental lag I gave her and my mother in law followed suite.  I have let it all go, and moved on, but feel it fitting to honor those that made our night amazing.  My immediate family were dreamy, they were really mom's family TO DIE FOR, love them and am appreciative of everything they did, but who really saved the night, were my husbands family, both matron and patron alike.  Below are a few of them doing what they do best, DANCING.  It was a cousins husbands 30th birthday, and it served as a wonderful time for us to gather together.  It also served as a reminder for Marcus and I as to what favor we carry with those that manage to push us on our emotional treadmill, the kind of workout we welcome and long for.  We can't get this kind of love anywhere but here.
Did I mention it was a surprise? 
Dancing yes...Drinking, yes and yes...
You can count on these two to work it till the shoes come off, and they did
It didn't take much for the furniture to go, and less for them to take its place
Look who decided to join in on the fun
Looking forward to the fact that it will never get old :-)
While we were in Houston, we made plans to see Allyson, I used to work with her at Parkland, and she is just about done with grad school, so proud of her.  On a side note, I'd be even prouder if 'ol ball sack would propose already...needless to say, Adan had a ball, seeing as how he hasn't seen her or Katie, who just so happened to be in Houston too, another grad schooler just about done, since he was months old.  These two are sweet loves of mine, and getting to hang with them both was so fun.
Katie with Adan, 'bout 4 months old
Look at 'em now
Sweet know, just a few secs after this, sweet Adan let Ally have it with a little something I like to call VOMIT!
These two, like they never spent time apart
We also decided to spend a little time here and goof off a bit...kinda nice to not be behind the camera, for once.
See what I mean. If I could get from behind the lens, I could enjoy more of still my beating heart
In addition to being an NBA Baller, NFL All-Star, The Tennis Ticket, Golfings one and only True Grip and whatever else there is...he will also be an Explorer and discover something magnificent
Stingrays, nuff said
And to do this great city justice, we also ventured into a place that would prove to give Adan a run for his money.
He's just proving that he is as strong in Mars as he is here
Who needs to fly to the moon when we got the moon right here, just a few hundred miles away
Blast off! And you can, as a matter of fact, you really can, for the bargain price of a gillion bucks...the for profit is the way apparently
So turned husband, always finding a way to look at an engine, better that than ladies I guess
When you get the chance to endure and share
your life with your husband, you should gladly declare
that all which is past, and all which is present
takes love and experience, to rest in assurance.

We can't look back at those that pretend
to break of the bread but only instead,
give away the remnants and hold on to the true
garbage we never even wanted in lieu


  1. I enjoyed reading this! I think you should take this writing one step further and make a career out of it. ITS GREAT!

  2. I've always wanted to but don't even know where to start or where to go. This is my tiny contribution...hoping la palabra spreads. Miss u. And thanks.