Friday, September 16, 2011

the pleasure has been all mine...

Tío RiRi came in town from London and we are very happy he's here. Adan just loves him so much. They always have such a great time together. Ever since Marcus fashioned a baby blanket into a cape, Adan thinks he is superman. And Tío RiRi will always join in on the matter what it is.

Work, it just gets in the way sometimes, but sometimes it can be super fun. Like when you run into an old friend from college in a defects lecture, and then quickly realize that he will be your co-worker. I am so excited.

I started my DVR sessions with my mom, in case I haven't mentioned it, I am writing a book about her. I haven't really decided what the foundation will be, but I know she has an incredible story to tell and I am one eager audience ready to listen.

Adan has officially hit the ground running with this preschool thing. He is really having a good time. But I can't help but feel like I'm kinda in school too. We had parent's night before it started and I was sitting there nervous, wondering if any parent would want to get to know me at all, or if I would leave this semester with new friends too. I'm such a loser.

I got to see my dear, sweet and loving, best girlfriend in all the land yesterday. It has been way too long. The sad part is, as we left dinner and a bit of girl shopping and headed back to her house, we both pulled out our date books/phones, and attempted to coordinate another time for us to chat...and we came up with nothing for like a month or so. Sad huh? Damn that work, getting in the way again. I love you Cindy, I'm calling Ms. Johnson, and IT WILL GET DONE!!!
Ps...look what I bought for New Years...

Gotta go now, Adan has fallen asleep and I must nap too...again, work, getting in the way...duty calls tonight.

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