Sunday, September 11, 2011

been pretty amazing...

So I started working nights again, and can I just say...yay!!! Man, have I missed that schedule. It's the only schedule that afforded me every single day of Adan's life to be forever shared with just his momma and dada. I have been very lucky in choosing this profession. Many of those reasons are...

I only work 12 days a month

I have gotten to raise my precious angel and see him every single day

If I get bored, guess what? I have the biggest opportunity to do whatever else and still be a nurse

Oh yea, and did I mention I only work 12 days a month???

Marcus and I want to extend our family, and we almost did, but miscarried a bit ago. Now that I think my womb has sufficiently healed and my heart is sufficiently ready to potentially carry the emotional ride that is being pregnant with a toddler, IT IS TIME! I mean, I am marking calendar ovu time and everything. I'm trying to figure out if that is gonna be a good idea or if we should just let momma nature handle it. Whatever the case may be we are ready for another child and hope that it happens soon. Happy sex to us.
On another note, we went to the Ranger game today and had a wonderful time. My family makes me the happiest girl

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