Friday, September 2, 2011

Just a piece of my heart...

This lil boy started Preschool at Fielder Rd. BC yesterday
This lil boy didn't even cry when he said goodbye
This lil boy cried when we went to pick him up
This lil boy is growing up way too fast

Remember when I said that I feel like I'm just glazing?
Remember when I said that I didn't know if I was doing it right?
His face, his heart, his everything solidifies the only thing that is absolutely, unequivocally correct and in order in my life!

Dear Adan,
I have never in my life imagined a more precious life. I never in my life imagined that it could get as good as it is when we are together. You are the most enjoyable piece of sugar to my heart. Mommy was never the same after she met you. I hope you know that the past two years of your life, the last two years of my life, have been the best two years of my life. Thank you for letting me be your mommy.

Love you more than you will ever know,

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