Friday, December 14, 2012

dead or just phony...

Do you ever get embarrassed?  The kind of embarrassed that if people saw you, you'd be mortified?  What about when you watch a show, and you see someone doing something "embarrassing", you get all squirmy because the pure sight of it makes you want to gag a bit?  These days, when I'm getting ready for anything, be it work, a friend gathering or just brushing my teeth, I get embarrassed.  I have this one mirror though, in my new house, oddly enough it's my vanity mirror, that is the biggest liar I know.  I wish at times I could tell that liar to come with me every where that I go.  Last night Marcus and I had a Christmas party to go to.  I had bought this dress and I love the dress.  Put that sucker on, mind you status post spanx of course, and turned around, looked in "that mirror" and I gotta say, I was kinda feeling good.  Even had the courage to ask Marcus to come in from the living room to sneak a peek pre hair and makeup, and he said he liked it, a lot.  Can I just say something real quick though?  I never put spanx on near a mirror.  NEVER.  I never put spanx on in front of Marcus, EVER.  As a matter of fact, the "I'm getting dressed, putting on the spanx" announcement is always made, status pre.  And as I was putting them on last night I got to thinking about the vanity they carry in addition to their elasticity strength.  And wonder if when I put them on that vanity is enmeshed somehow in me.  Something about feeling snug, tight, compact and put together that gives me a feeling of confidence.  It's ironic really because the pure sight of them is embarrassing. If Marcus were to ever walk in mid way, I would be mortified.  When I see the damn adds on TV or in Macy's on the hanger, I want to gag, unapologetically even.  Yet, I never leave home without them, I mean, wherever an outfit may imply the imperfection that is my lumpiness, I strap those suckers right on.  I guess I never really need a mirror to tell me what I already know.  And you're curious what that is?  Me too, I haven't a clue.  I just know that I need to stop looking at one hoping to hear something, see something, that I should already know.  In the meantime, these days, the play button on my camera has been showing me what I actually already know.  And you're curious what that is?  Scroll down!

Our neighborhood has an awesome Parents Group, and they have been so great about welcoming us to the neighborhood.  One of the many things they do/we do, is have a Halloween Block Party.  Adan had a blast, and honestly, we did too.
Friday Funight is back, we were on sabbatical for a month, back to school stuff.  We may love to party, but we are nearly all mommas and back to school is a time where going out is less and your babies need you more.  Needless to say, WE ARE BACK.  This Friday was on a Saturday, and who can give a better reason to have it that way other than...the SPAZMATICS, that's who!
Riri was here over Thanksgiving.  We love Riri.  We love throwback Riri even more, especially when he's jumping rope.  LOL.
Marcus plays hooky from time to time, and Adan eats that time up.  Mostly because I might as well not be alive.  These boys have a special bond, and I'm just lucky to be allowed to tag along...and snap a shot or two.
DAI.  Yes, it's my husbands employer.  Yes, his blackberry is never far.  Yes, it gets on my last nerves.  But the bigger yes is that they always, ALWAYS have these great annual Christmas Party's with crazy gifts for their employees families.
Cici.  We, I learned, to call her Martha.  Have I told you how fabulous she is.  She threw a Christmas Wreath Making Party.  I really have to start carrying around my own lighting because what I really wanted to do was take pictures of her home.  She is phenomenal.  She left her six figure income to have a family, and has now started her own business.  You want to know the meaning of true love.  Cindy is true love.  She lives for her family.  She loves her friends.  And I am just about the luckiest person to be included in her life.  I love you boo.
Have I told you how much I love to snap pictures?  My sister, Lori.  She reminds me everyday what determination and setting your mind to something really means.  She used to model for Page Parkes and when I looked at all the wonderful pics I caught of her and her family, I was reminded again, of why she was a model.
Marrying Marcus was the highlight of my life.  Getting his family as my family was a very close second.  Titi and Juju, they might as well be blood.  I love them so much, and they trusted me enough to snap them too. 
Marcus' international career brings him a bunch of cool things...traveling, traveling and more traveling.  One of the many perks his wife gets is a night out where I get to dress up and sit at the open bar with his colleagues wives.

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