Sunday, October 21, 2012

the sum of all things is...

I have again had a large amount of time lapse between the last time I posted to now, and the anxiety is too much.  So instead of pondering my life events the past few weeks and talking/writing about it here, I am just going to share my time stoppers and enlighten you with visual stimulation.  Sometimes I wonder if you get tired of hearing me complain.  I can tend to lay it on very thick here, albeit vague.  And it's so dang thick right now the callus' are forming.  I honestly want to say thanks for reading what I have to say.  I know at times you may not always agree with my outlook, knowing you read it makes me happy. 

Gobblins have arrived...and a pumpkin or two too :)
Went to Mexico on the tails of a family wedding, and totally bumbed we can't visit my grandparents land becasue of the state Mexico is in...but Lord willing, WE WILL GET THERE.  Adan was pumped bc he got to hand his passport over to "la migra" all by
The Wedding.  Unfortunately all of my life a lot of my family memories have been around my dad's side of the family and my mom's side is always burned on the back.  Now that I'm grown, and realize what true love is, I want nothing more than to spend it with those that show it, live it and give it in the raw form.  My family, the Alba's.  My grandparents would be so proud of their grand babies.  I love you Nuno and Olga, congrats.
Then a pit stop in San Antonio.  I forgot what fun this city is, probably bc getting Adan to see things is like I get to see them all over again
Lil Debbie is WED!!!  She was so happy, IS SO HAPPY. 
Paige is getting older, and I am getting luckier and luckier that she still wants me around to celebrate.  This woman is probably the best friend a girl could have.  Mostly bc she is imfamous for love, but also crazy bright, wise and able to be objective in all areas of her life, subjective when it matters and never not present when she's needed.  I love you Paige, so much, I am so glad that your tripod was extended to me. 
Titi had a birthday too.  Birthdays for everyone in October apparently.  I love you too, u r just getting started, and I will never tell anyone how old you are...they wouldn't ever believe me anyway
Our New Crib...what?
Sensing a theme here?  I hope so, and if not, then you must know it was also Lori's Birthday.  Word!!!

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