Friday, January 27, 2012

When it hits you in the face...

Out of sight, out of mind, only seems to work with things not directly linked with your heart.  Have you ever noticed that?  Reality checks on the other hand, out of sight, out of mind, easily attained.  The mind, it is a powerful thing...quickly forgeting the fire inside us to make a change.  You amnesia live the abilities in you to make a difference, look at your strengths dead in the eye, then reside in synchrony with the possibility that everything might have fallen into place if you had just made the effort.  Why do we continue to allow that monotonous debate in our mind to monarch real estate?  Maybe if we hadn't been so preoccupied, superimposing ourself at the finish line with a smile on our face would be attainable and a direct remnant of the decision to follow through on our capabilities.

Lori and I had lunch the other day, and the opportunity to live out my purpose was born.  For a brief moment, for that entire lunch date, my heart had wrapped my mind into the idea that I was capable of making an actual difference.  It is very beautiful you know, when you surrender your mind to your heart.  That moment when you decide that the happy medium you were taught to live under disappears, because you allow the spirit inside you to take over.  I have freed myself from the out of sight and out of mind truth that in reality has been lying to me my entire life.  Turns out your mind isn't such a terrible thing to waste, just depends on who you give it to, or in my case, what. 

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