Friday, December 30, 2011

the timeline is finally coming together...

Turns out Marcus' trip was a never happening, and his tiny family here was very happily grateful.  Holland can have him some other time, and we really just soak Marcus up anytime we can get him.  Have I told ya'll how cute my husband is?  Pretty sure I have, but for some reason I am feeling sorta tell all'ish right now, so I went to grab my cell, to discover those clever texts I told ya'll about that we had in Chicago were missing, gone, no where to be found.  Give it up to blackberry for letting me down once again, GAAAH!!!  Marcus says that he'll fix it, he always does, so still they shall pend.

Adan turned out to have a double ear infection, and we went to see his pediatrician, his REAL pediatrician.  Luckily my baby has been very healthy, and we rarely go, but when we do, we have to have "sick" visits, which are usually done by his partners, not his primary :-(  But this time, we got Dr. Karam, and we were very happy, we love him.  Now, here's the part where I tell you that my child was an animal, and we had to hold him down and bribe him to cooperate so that he could be seen, however, I have been very lucky in that my kid is just about the most polite and kind boy.  Never once have I had to do that.  As a matter of fact, when Dr. Karam walked in, they immediately started chatting, about sports, age, etc...and Adan walked right up to him, and got examined.  When the appointment was done, Dr. Karam gets up, and before he walks out, he looks at Adan and says, "see you later, thanks for letting me see you", and Adan says, "you're welcome".  That's my bugga, he is just a gem.  I'm often asked how I get him to do certain things, or how is it that he just does this or that so quick or without putting up a fight.  The truth is, I don't know how, the only thing I know how to do is to be me, and if you know me, when I do something, that's it, that is what I'm doing and there isn't anything else, but what I'm doing.  There isn't any big preparation, no big meditation over the pre existing milestone, no over thinking the imminent change, just deciding to do it, then doing it.  And Marcus and I both have applied that to how we parent Adan.  With that said, I have to brag a bit here, as if that isn't what I'm already doing, but I am so very proud of this tiny 2 year old that I just welt up and haven't any place to put it, but this blog, so if you ever get turned off by my gush, then skip ahead or turn away...

He is now potty trained through the night, he just looked at us one night and said, "no pullup nigh night, jus 'sones" ('sones is short for calsones-which is Spanish for underwear).  I'd be lying if I said that the shear will of his tiny brain is the captain of his actions and the only culprit here, but Marcus and I both committed to praying for our child, and ask God to help us with the smallest of tasks to the inevitable larger more challenging ones to come. 

My two DIY projects have been kicking my butt.  Kinda glad though, I mean, I haven't gotten into a fight since highschool, haha.  So the coffee table turned ottoman is the toughest, only because I want to honor the idea and preserve the original table for a later time.  My future, more lovely home has a fancy spot waiting for it's legs, in its original form of course.  Nonetheless, I have been researching it like crazy trying to see which will be the best way to tuft this mother, whilst still protecting it...needless to say, I made the ottoman...the tufting, not so much...yet.  My hall bathroom, about 2/3rds done, I am in love with my pallet, and have so many other tiny things left to do, and I'm not shortening my stick for this one.  My goal was to have them both done by Christmas, shea-right, who was I kidding.  I can barely leave the compounds of dark eyeshadow, much less tackle a new, creative, do it yourself via the virtual world of Pinterest.
Just a tiny preview, looking at this makes me realize how much more I really have left...
Untufted, I didn't have time, but after New Year's, it's on, and the top will get buttonfly'd

Two Sundays ago we celebrated Marcus' 32nd birthday, and I got to host his annual bday dinner.  Apparently my meatloaf and sides do something to his tummy, because that is what he asks for every year, and every year I make it, and this was the first time it was actually at our house.  As I made my phone rounds, inviting the family, my dad told me, "sure, we'll be there, you better make sure there's plenty of food", and he was serious.  You see, my family has a bit of a problem when it comes to food, it's a little something I like to call, "someone, anyone, yank the fork out of my hand already".  I was raised to eat everything on my plate...if you serve it, you eat it...or else.  Sure enough, I made the head count after my phone invite was done, and planned accordingly, but true to form, a few of the "no's" quickly became unaware "yes's" and viola, my dad was right...DAMN it!  My husband thinks I have a bit of a stick up my hiney when it comes to our home, I love to have people over, LOVE IT, however, I HATE IT when I have unannounced guests, for this very reason.  I had to steal the birthday boy away to get fried chicken up the street to cover the head count, and snuck extra potatoes in the pot to spread my mash around.  Every experience is a learning one, and this is what I learned, make more than you think you need, because you never know who is coming.  Many of you may know that, but it's the principle people. I'm done.

Christmas was here and gone, just like's a peek of Ese'me Street festivities... 
I complained frequently this holiday season about the Santa situation at The Parks Mall, and my little bugga didn't get to sit on his lap...but that turned out to be a non issue, you see, we happen to be a close friend of Santa, and he stopped by to pay lil Adan a personal visit. PERFECTION!!!
Stuffed our face with the talented culinaries of Sir Richard Dorn, you may know him as Tio RiRi
Boy was it ever
Poor goose was no match for bugga
Pinterest even showed up
Wouldn't be right if La Loteria wasn't dimed on

The Holidays bring other great gifts too.  Like when old friends come to town and you quickly realize that we are all grown up, and our offspring have the potential to be homies.  I haven't a clue where the time goes, what I do know is that time waits for no one and it's our job to grab the clock and tell it to slow down.  Wait, did I just inform you that we mere mortals have the power to stop time?  I believe I did, and you can.  Many times I feel like my eyes are lenses, and when I blink I can actually here my brain camera click.  Luckily for you, I had my actual camera this time, and my SLR clicked these.
These two have also been friends since grade school...last time I saw Mark Dixon, it was just him and the wifey, now they are a family of four...lucky guy
Two cute (pun intended)
Dixie House, such a staple of East Dallas, and always a homey warm place to meet up with great friends

Church the other morning revealed the biggest epiphany of all for me, EVER.  And I left there just in awe of His big plan, I have been a Christian since I was a little girl, and for some reason, this particular truth has never sunken in, and for some reason, about half way through his closing, I "oohh'd" audibly...I quickly looked at Marcus, and told him, "oh my God, I just had this biggest epiphany", and when I shared it with him, he was like, "oh yea, you're right".  I am not right, God is right, and He shared it with me that morning, and I will share it with you too, however, whenever the opportunity to present the word arrives, I'd like to lay the ground work right, so bare with me, it's coming.  In the meantime, below is a little something for my Heavenly Father.

Nothing has changed, not even Your love
Thanks to it now, I am changed by Your blood
As I sat there that morning, you spoke right to me
never leaving me side, receiving Your seed
Your purpose for me, it's always announced
It's my job now, to keep it around

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