Monday, December 5, 2011

if the timing isn't right then what...

In true Ese'me Street fashion, and aligning perfectly with the holiday season, Marcus has to leave us again.  Holland bound he shall be tomorrow, and luckily for us, it will only be a week this time, less than that really, because he will return on Saturday.  I miss him already. 

I have foolishly committed to DIY projects that are way beyond my scope of knowledge.  I blame Pinterest.  One is "turn a coffee table into an ottoman" and the other is..."redo your entire guest bathroom before Christmas".  I'm officially off my rocker, but so determined and so inspired.  I was at work one night, working my knuckes to the core, and whilst surfing the internet, I stumbled upon this.  Needless to say the site was full of oober delish ideas, and one in particular caught my eye.  Hence the ottoman attempt (using attempt lightly, because I'm as far along as the drawing board, and it's already been 1 week, eek). 

...and wouldn't you know it...the post shall be continued at a later time, and man is the title so dead on...Adan is having a coughing fit and a fever, and now in our bed, and can't post/blog with him sickies...

We'll talk soon :)

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