Wednesday, November 16, 2011

and so it turns out...

I was at work not too long ago, and a few people were asking how long I had been married, and I was all like, "almost 4 years...", all sure of myself and everything.  I didn't even notice it was completely wrong and incorrect until I was asked again, in front of Paige, my co-worker/friend, and she was all like, "what?, uh, it will be 3 years, not 4, what's wrong with you?".  Oops, turns out, she is absolutely right, I don't know what's wrong with me, I was pregnant with Adan when I walked down the aisle, I'm a dumb ass sometimes, I suare.  My schedule allows for tons of things, but some things are placed on the back burner, and those things when starting to accumulate left over charcoal, get addressed...warranting a different kind of fire be lit, if you get what I mean (wink wink).  Our official anniversary is November 22nd, however, my job is not anniversary friendly this year, so our schedule allotted us this past weekend to celebrate. I boast often about my husband, not to blow artificial steam up his ass.  However, I boast about my husband, because when you have one as good as mine, I at times can't believe it.  I mean, I know I'm literally living it, but audibly repeating my experiences is the only way to artificially pinch myself.

Long story short, Marcus planned a surprise for me/us, and the surprise was "Chicago".  It was about the sweetest thing he has done.  And he has done many, even though we have only been married 3 years in a week or so, we have had a long history of spending many an anniversary together.  Marcus got me and my MOH a hotel night before the wedding at Hotel Palomar-Dallas, and then we stayed there again our wedding night.  Deciding to make it a tradition, we have stayed there every year since (woohoo, a whopping two times, haha).  So when I found out where we were going, at the airport, I was thinking, "man, he is so sweet, but we are already breaking our tradition"...knowing all to well what effort he had gone through to keep it a secret, hiding funds so I wouldn't take notice and then making arrangements for Adan.  So you can imagine the feeling I had when we were driving from the airport and then observing the cab pull in front of nothing other than, Hotel Palomar-Chicago.  I was blown away, it was everything for me to not cry in the cab, and if you know me, I'm a crier and it was EVERYTHING for me not to.  Our trip was short, but so great.  Reminds me of how great Dallas is, but for completely different reasons, it also reminds me of how great Dallas is not, but for completely different reasons.  I am not good at offering advice regarding where to go, what to see, critiquing restaurants, etc...but what I can say is, that every place my husband picked for our itinerary, yes itinerary-he planned everything, was just awesome.

SkyDeck @ Willis Tower
(it actually took me the third try to step out without shaking, I'm kind of a wimp-don't tell)
Drinks @ Shaw's & Music @ Blues Chicago
(Marcus and I miss blues in Dallas so much, our favorite spot closed down long ago, and miss it so)
First Lady of Chicago
(boat right on Chicago River, admiring the architecture and history of this great city)
El Frijol
(any way Marcus and I can turn something Mexican, we will)
Sound Bar
(remember when I said that I'm not good at advising on places when visited, I recall that comment, temporarily, and absolutely and positively advise against going here, SUCKS)
Navy Pier
(windy city lived up to it's name here)
Hotel Palomar-Chicago
(our pouty faces because we were leaving...would have shown more pictures from our hotel, but those are just for Marcus and I ;-) )
Many bonuses on this trip, one was getting a chance to almost see Jessica, and then, when we went to Blue Man Group, while awaiting our entrance, I saw someone that looked awful familiar...had to text Jessica to make sure it was her, and turns out I was right.  What a small world, I saw Allison.  Allison is a great friend of Holly's, and about 12 years ago or so, when I was single and younger, Holly shared her with me a couple of times, and I haven't seen her since sitting at Cock-n-Bull, oh yea, except for Holly's wedding, but that didn't count, because we had to leave at 9pm :-(

My post this week was supposed to be so incredible, I had one of those nights when clever and incredibly witty comments and story ideas were all in my brain just waiting to be jotted down for later.  So when I went for my phone, I quickly remembered that I have a BB now and lost my other phone and can't jot it down like I could before.  Our "sound bar" night, I texted Marcus all my funny remarks, and I was reminded of how funny he is, he would respond back and write super clever one liners back, it became a flirty game that night, totally worth sharing, and it's coming, but for now, this will have to do.

Ya'll, Thanksgiving is next week!!!  What tha...

Ps. Guess what we got to come home to?
Marcus and I, when we get the chance to be alone, try super hard to not talk like parents, but as lovers, friends and partners, it is hard.  We have a great baby, and are lucky to share together in our passion for all things Adan.  We did a pretty good job of just being "us" this past weekend, but one thing we both agreed on and pretended wasn't riding on the horizon often, was the beating desire we both had to get home and scoop this child up.


  1. this is awesome. i have been looking out for this post. I am so happy Chicago treated ya'll nicely, and i'll see you in dallas. I love this!! your sweet son is soooo adorable.! xoxo

  2. happy anniversary, friend! what a great husband, and what a great trip. isnt chicago beautiful? we stayed at the palomar also!

  3. Happy Anniversary!!!! Your cousin, Anna

  4. two things.

    1. shout out to me for keeping you marriage chronoligically correct.
    2. i literally cried when i read that yall pulled up the hotel palomar chicago. Maybe because i remember how important it was for y'all to go there last year, on your SECOND anniversary. maybe because im working on my third glass of wine. i kid. im on my fourth. either way, can you tell marcus to text brian with helpful hints from time to time. gosh i love you guys.