Monday, October 17, 2011

a step in the right direction...

I'm definetly not the type of woman that when discovering a good trick or a new and yummy product, shares. I've sorta always been that way. As a matter of fact, if someone compliments me on my perfume and asks what it is, I'll usually lie so they won't smell as good as me, mean I know, but I cant help it. I don't like telling my beauty secrets, not that there's many, but nonetheless, I've never liked sharing, never have. I've said it before and I'll say it again, I am very self aware, but that isn't necessarily a good thing unless that awareness results in a change, and this here shall be my tiny contribution in that dreadful, yet anticipated and much needed change, no?

I am a lover of eye make-up, I'm known for the dark eyes, on many levels, and nude lip, just my thang. I'm also a firm believer in priming your face like a motha, so my face is straight for at least 12hrs. With that said it's always a pain to take off my make-up, honestly, I'll often times (more than I care to admit) sleep in it, forcing my pillow to carry the burden of buffering my chore in the morning, when the sink revels in the aftermath. Needless to say, I have found my new best friend, and this is my endorsement. My sidenote is, although this may be common knowledge to many, it is new to me, so suck it.
Que Celine Dion's "Because of you..."

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