Tuesday, August 9, 2011

how much is enough...

My husband is back in town. Marcus was gone for 2 whole weeks. For those of you that don't know, my husband is in the airline industry and he travels about 2 to 3 times out of the year, and when he does it's overseas. This time it was Germany and Austria. Having him away means many things.

1. Adan discovers how much cooler and funner his daddy is than his mommy.

2. I quickly realize all those silly fights we have as parents, spouses, etc...are quiet the funny joke on me really, because the truth is, I can't do it alone and yea, I would miss him. Love u babe.

3. My parents are true saviors. They would do anything for their family, including putting up with an overbearing daughter and her super ooober cute kid.

4. House work, outside the home, really does belong to my mate.

5. Sex is kinda lonely when it's a party for one, love making is truly meant to be between two.

6. Always, always hoping that a little brown bag would be escorting my lover on the plane ride home.

7. Trading off the warmth of his toosh when we sleep for killer miles...thank you bizzyness class. Hola.

8. Awaiting the inevitable arguement we'll have before he leaves...like clock work...every time.

9. The smell, THE SMELL. Let me all just inform you of a little something I like to call..."um, excuse me, but my man never smells", (as in bad)...I'm about to totally cross the line here, but I feel it's justified, besides my only two followers are girls, and there's only two of you..he NEVER smells, never! I have been with him for almost ten years and have been with him, you know what I'm saying...NEVER, even when he's been in his man place mentally or physically, never. The only thing my baby has piercing through his juicy pores, is lush. He is so Yummy...and I'm reminded every time he leaves.

10. The burden is on me. My husband, Marcus Sais, I love you so much. You have provided me a place to live out my dreams, a place where I can be me, a place where I don't have to worry about what anyone thinks because our family is what matters and you have created a safe place for your big and little baby to nest. When you are not with us, our lives are empty, you make our life so much fun, and you make me feel like the responsibility of our life is shared when you truly carry it alone. You protect us, and when you are away, I am alone with that and become aware of how wonderful you are at making us feel safe.
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