Sunday, July 17, 2011

they say it's your birthday...

We had a great time today celebrating RiRi's birthday. Steaks, crab and cakey, oh my! We hung out at our house, and hosted a family affair. Adan woke up from his nap and I and Marcus took him outside to play with his new chalk set. He never asks for anything, as a matter of fact, if we are at a store and he holds on to a toy the entire trip, as we head for the register, like clock work, we await the "wait, put toy back"... statement. He is an amazing boy. Mucho tension at Ese'me Street, so below when reading, think of family as opposed to a relationship. I have an amazing brother in you Richard, and I love you very much. This is for you.

What are we doing these days to stay
Away from the anger that breeds here today
Time keeps on ticking and waits for no one
I'm constantly left with feelings that stun
How could it be, we aren't even close
To finding the piece of the puzzle that's broke

One day soon I will leave you behind
And never look back wishing I had the time
To make up for all of the gaps that create
Ripples of emotions that can eventually brake
The bond that we have is only the start
To an ending that's immenent, we both will embark.

Never look back is a phrase over used
When times like these are more than a few
Trusting in you to follow through on your word
Showing symptoms of sickness that surfaces burns
It's never enough, until one of us learns
To love unconditionally like when we first birthed

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