Sunday, August 19, 2012

and then sometimes we...

I hadn't realized how long it was since visiting my little place here, until someone pointed out this weekend that they haven't read lately because I hadn't posted it on Facebook, then I realized that the reason I hadn't posted on Facebook was because I hadn't even posted on my dear blog.  I have been so far removed from this place that not visiting it has caused me to forget where I had left off.  Luckily for me, and for you, there's a record and it appears the reason that I have been MIA is because I have been MIA, literally.  We have moved from Arlington, found amazing tenants, and...We. Are. Landlords.  Have found a home, and were supposed to move in on the 15th, but had to move it back to the 30th, tick tok tick tok...that's me waiting, and quite honestly the sound resonating in my brain these days.  A long time ago, I remember learning somewhere that when you pray for patience, God doesn't just gift it, you have to earn it only after you experience what it really means, and until you do, you will live in it...the process.  My entire life has been the process, and somehow I feel like this move is my test, the big final exam.  I think I'm doing magnificent.  And I think this is the appropriate segway for story time.  Don't you?  We originally wanted 75243, New Lakehighlands with the RISD swag, but couldn't find a house we both agreed on, so we moved a bit south, 75238, and again, we couldn't agree on a house, we did not want to "remake" anything.  We redid the house in Arlington, and I use the word "we" here in place of Marcus, because you all know I'm good for nothing, and he is good for everything.  Anything that was aesthetically ugly, was out, we couldn't look past the "dated" look and completely "nexted" everything.  Marcus has always wanted 75218, behind Easton, and well, I would search and couldn't find the sqft'age we wanted.  So in a moment of urgency, somehow I was able to inform our realtor that we saw a few online and would be willing to go in person to see them.  We did our usual drivebys the day before and got turned around, and as we were uturning we saw it.  OUR HOUSE. We both were in awe, wondering why it didn't come up as an option for us, got out, pulled the info sheet, for certain it was not showing because it was over our budget...and low and behold, it was not.  Turns out it was a for sale by owner, and that is why we never saw it.  Went the very next day, the first of 7 viewings, and were sold the second we walked in.  And now, we await the closing.  So happy.  So lucky.  So blessed.  So thankful. 

It seems that the gap in time between my last appearance here has been an indication of many things.  I had a reader/friend tell me once how vague I sometimes am when I write, and that it appears I have many secrets, and how she wanted so badly to know what it was I was referring to.  I never realized that I did that.  I guess the filter, the only filter I have, is the finger prints on my digits.  The lack of filter in my mouth, of which I've mentioned before, appears to be the gate keeper to information.  I guess it's a good thing that this here blog doesn't have the audible option.  Good for me anyway.

I am still struggling with my weight.  My sister Lori has officially returned to the size she was in high school.  A size 6.  She really is a 4, but she's being modest, she always has been when her body was concerned.  Look, not to boast, but I have always been the pretty one, she was always the skinny one and Sally was always the smart one.  My daddy would say, "no, all my girls are pretty", and quite frankly, I'm not unintentionally boasting, I'm actually doing it on purpose, somebody needs to brag about me.  Sally, still smart.  Lori, well, she is in fact skinny, again.  And me, underneath the 50lbs that so badly want to come off, is one pretty ass woman.  I think I have officially become that woman people talk about, you know the one, "Man, if she was skinny, she'd be so pretty, she has such a pretty face".  I have just finished the 50 Shades series, pretty good book, for many reasons, but mostly because I fancied the way I felt when reading it.  No, I didn't need a chux pad and no, I wasn't reaching for the nearest towel, but I noticed that the reader has a soft place in her heart for the underdog.  I quickly realized how much I related to Anastasia, and how she views Christian...well, that's the way I continue to view Marcus.  Just the other day, as we were getting ready to go out, I wanted so badly for him to grab a vneck tee, because the way his necklace chain plays peek a boo with the collar drives me crazy, how the neck that supports his beautiful face not only controls the direction in which he looks, but is in so much control over the direction in which my libido goes.  How he never really dries himself when he gets out of the shower, and lets the air naturally erase the wetness from his body...lucky wind.  I still find myself staring at him like I did when I first laid eyes on him.  I was talking with my parents just yesterday about how sleeping arrangements the older you get can change.  I asked my parents if they still have sex, and they both said, almost in synchrony, "ssssssiiiiii, es mas, orita nos vamos a banar para aserlo" (translate that, and I promise you a laugh).  You see, they don't sleep in the same bed anymore, or room for that matter.  That's the secret they say.  My dad has been a snorer forever, and whenever we children left, my momma finally had two rooms to choose from, that would be far enough from him that she could actually sleep.  And they haven't slept together since.  They are bed shopping and I told them to buy a king so they could sleep together again, and they both said again, almost in synchrony, "nnnnnnnnooooooooooo".  Told us, that we will be there too, in separate beds.  I welcome advice always, don't have to necessarily take it to heart, but age has brought many life experiences, and they have had that, but the idea of not sleeping with my husband at night makes me sad, and I hope that is one piece of advice I never follow.

Golfing with daddy...I know that you know that I know, how much they enjoy this
One of the best things about being back in the Big D, making memories like this for Adan that I had with my folks
Richie and Alison moved in together, which can only mean one thing...HOUSEWARMING PARTY!!!
A reunion that was way past due
Friday Funight with these crazy nurses...God love em, cause you know I do


  1. I love your blog! I miss you all and sorry I did not come to Dallas this month, I had things I needed to take care of. Love you, love Adan(sito) and love Markie. See you maybe during Chrismas!

    your B in L!

    1. No biggie smalls. We miss u too. U better come pa la Christmas or else. See u soon enough, so we can make la splach.